Dušan Andrš


Mgr. Dušan Andrš, Ph.D.

Dušan Andrš studied Sinology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. He has been teaching at IAS since 1996. He was visiting lecturer at the Berlin University and Frankfurt University in 2003-2005. He served as board member of European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS) in 2006-2010. He sits at the PhD committee for Theories and History of Asian and African Literatures and coordinates the Erasmus programme at IAS.

His research focus is Chinese literature and literary thought of 19th and 20th centuries. He teaches history of classical and modern Chinese literature, and runs classes of interpretation and translation of Chinese literary works. He teaches Chinese language for non-Sinologists at the Faculty of Arts and at the Faculty of Law.

Dušan Andrš has translated scholarly and popular works on China and Asia as well as works of Chinese poetry and prose.


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