Structure and Staff


The Institute consists of three seminars:

The Institute has 21 full-time faculty members, including visiting instructors of East Asian languages. Some courses are taught by affiliated scholars. Doctoral students participate on research projects. The Institute also regularly hosts foreign visiting professors and other scholars.

Institute Officers

Director: Prof. PhDr. Olga Lomová, CSc.

Deputy Director: Doc. Ing. Jan Sýkora, M.A., Ph.D.

Academic Secretary: Mgr. David Labus, Ph.D.

Librarian: Mgr. Katarína Feriančíková

Administrative Secretary, SIS Manager: Miroslava Jirková


Email addresses (usually of the form are listed on staff personal pages. 

Name Field of Specialization Contact

Japanese Studies

Mgr. Petra Kanasugi, Ph.D. Japanese language, Cognitive Linguistics +420 221 619 709
Sachiko Kurihara, M.A. Japan Foundation sponsored instructor of Japanese language +420 221 619 709
Mgr. David Labus, Ph.D. Premodern History of Japan +420 221 619 709
Doc. Ing. Jan Sýkora, M.A., Ph.D. Modern and Contemporary History of Japan, Economic and Social History, History of Economic Thought, Modern Japanese Society, Japanese Paleography and Diplomatics +420 221 619 704
Mgr. Martin Tirala, Ph.D. Japanese Literature, Japanese Aesthetics, Japanese Cinema +420 221 619 709
Mgr. Michael Weber, Ph.D. Japanese Language and Culture, Japanese Literature +420 221 619 709

Korean Studies

Mgr. Tomáš Horák, Ph.D. Korean Grammar, Teaching Korean as Foreign Language, Korean Buddhist Thought +420 221 619 703
Mgr. Jung Youn Woo Korean lanuage instructor +420 221 619 703
Doc. PhDr. Miriam Löwensteinová, Ph.D. Korean Literature +420 221 619 703
Mgr. Marek Zemánek, M.A. Buddhism, Korean Religion +420 221 619 703


Mgr. Dušan Andrš, Ph.D. Modern Chinese Literature +420 221 619 710
Mgr. Ing. Jiří Hudeček, Ph.D. History of Science in China, Intellectual and Politicial History of Modern China +420 221 619 601
Mgr. Ondřej Klimeš, Ph.D. Political History of Modern China, Modern China’s Ethnic Policy, Modern Politics and History of Xinjiangu, Uighur National Identity +420 221 619 705
Kuo Shan-yu, M.A. Chinese language instructor
Prof. PhDr. Olga Lomová, CSc. Chinese Literature, Intellectual and Cultural History of Chinese Modernization, PRC Ideology +420 221 619 704
Mgr. Jakub Maršálek, PhD. Chinese History and Archeology +420 221 619 705
Mgr. Ondřej Škrabal Chinese Epigraphy and Paleography, History of Early China, Chinese Language +420 221 619 705
Doc. Mgr. Lukáš Zádrapa, Ph.D. Chinese Language, Chinese Script, Ancient Chinese Literature and Philosophy +420 221 619 705

Vietnamese Studies

Mgr. Barbora Jirková  History and Religion of Vietnam +420 221 619 703
Mgr. Marta Lopatková  Modern Vietnamese History and Culture +420 221 619 703
Ing. Binh Slavická Phonetics and Grammar of Vietnamese +420 221 619 703

Affiliated Scholars

Email addresses are listed without the “@” sign.

Name Field Specialty, Courses Taught Contact
PhDr. Zlata Černá SIN Chinese Art and Crafts zlata.cerna
Mgr. Jana Heřmanová SIN Introduction to Chinese Culture (lecture and seminar)
PhDr. Helena Honcoopová JAPS Traditional Japanese Art
Mgr. Štěpánka Horáková KOR Literary Text Reading, Korean Language Practice I and II, Korean Text Reading
Mgr. Ruixia Liová SIN Chinese Language Practice
PhDr. Miroslav Nožina, Ph.D. Indian influences, Indochina 101
Pattarawan Youyen Thai Language I
Mgr. Ondřej Slówik VIET Modern Vietnamese for non-concentrators
Mgr. Mária Strašáková, Ph.D. VIET Introduction to Vietnamese Studies
Phuong Mai Truongová VIET Praktical Vietnamese I, II
Mgr. Vít Ulman JAPS Japanese Text Reading I, Kanbun, Japanese Grammar III, Modern Japanese for non-concentrators
Dr. Ivo Vasiljev VIET Vietnamese Grammar III
Mgr. Jiří Zelenda VIET Introduction to the History of Vietnam
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